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Top 10 Attractions in India to See in Your Lifetime

Do you know that every nook and corner of India has several unexplored natural attractions and sights? If not, we are here to tell you that if you visit any of these attractions once at least in all your lifetime, it would be the most wonderful experience for you. Taking an abundance of time to be visited, these must visit places of India are spread in the several parts of India. Here, we have enlisted the top 10 Attractions in India to See in Your Lifetime.

1. Tea Gardens of Darjeeling

Lovingly called ‘the Queen of Hills in India’, Darjeeling, which is situated at the foothills of the great Himalayas in the state of West Bengal. Also referred to as the ‘Tea Gardens of Darjeeling’, the largest tea plantation area of Darjeeling is counted among the top attractions of this destination along with the charming flora, adventure sports – hiking, trekking and rafting. Tea of Darjeeling is well-renowned for its quality and flavor.

2. Sunset on Brahmaputra River

If you are sunset watching lover, you can head to the magnificent Brahmaputra River, one of the greatest rivers in the Northeastern part of India. Being a must captured moment of life, sunset on the Brahmaputra River is one of the top tourist attractions in this part of India.

3. Backwaters of Kerala

Fondly referred to as the ‘God’s Own Country’,  Kerala, which is regarded as one of the most visited honeymoon destinations of India, is famous for its romantic backwaters among its visitors coming here from every nook and corner of the world. Surrounding almost half of the state with water, the Kerala backwaters, which are created by five large lakes, rivers and canals, work as National Waterway for cruises on backwaters to connect several cities, towns, etc. By booking Kerala Honeymoon Packages, you can enjoy the tour to this destination.

4. Natural Beauty of Western Ghats

Also called Sahyadri mountain range and having a large variety of flora and fauna along with several unexplored species, the Western Ghats, that runs through the whole western coast of India from the border of Gujarat to Kanyakumari, is one of the hottest biodiversity spots in India. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, this spot is famous its natural charm with highest summits, various man-made reservoirs and lakes, green scenery and waterfalls.

5. Exotic Beaches of Goa

In spite of being the smallest state, Goa, which is famous for its charming beaches, worship sights and world heritage architecture, is very rich in tourism. The exotic beaches of Goa, which are regarded as one of the top tourist attractions along with the cuisines and culture of the area, are well-famous in the world for its liberty and matchless in its own manner. Goa Tour Packages are specially designed to cater the needs of the tourists. Because of being home to these exotic beaches, Goa is rightly called the ‘Capital of Beaches in India’.

6. Araku Valley on Eastern Ghats

Along with the eastern coast of India from West Bengal state through Orissa and Andhra Pradesh, the Eastern Ghats is a range of mountains. Home to several tribes, the charming Araku Valley, which is the most fascinating part of the valley in the Eastern Ghats, is a beautiful hill station in Andhra Pradesh. Here, you can explore the renowned coffee plantations.

7. Night in Thar Desert

Located in the Royal state of Rajasthan, the Great Indian Desert, which offers one of the amazing experience – a night among the sand dunes along with enjoyable camel ride, is covered by the Aravalli mountain ranges and the Great Rann of Kutch. Situated in the middle of the great Thar desert with highly climate conditions, Bikaner is called the Jewel of the Thar Desert or the desert city of India.

8. Amazing Waterfalls in Shillong

Situated on the East Khasi Hills of northeastern state of Meghalaya, Mawsynram, which is famous as the wettest place on Earth with a yearly rainfall of 11,872 mm, is a small village in this state. This state is home to another wettest place known as Cherrapunji after Mawsynram and experiences the 2nd highest rainfall of the year. This area is covered by lush green mountains, large hills and several renowned waterfalls all over India.

9. Islands of Lakshadweep

If you want to take the enjoyment of adventure sports activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving, you can head to Lakshadweep, famous for its group of islands. The group of islands is regarded as one of the top attractions of Lakshadweep or Laccadive in the Laccadive Sea. Like the islands of Andaman and Nicobar, the ones of Lakshadweep are called the ‘Jewels of the Sea’.

10. Frozen Lakes of Himalayas

Do you want to see a frozen lake? If so, you should head to the Great Himalayan mountains, home to hundreds of charming lakes along with its ranges extended to its length of the Greater Himalayas to the Arunachal Himalayas. Some of the best frozen lakes of India are found in the Himalayan terrain of Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. These lakes are Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim, Frozen Lake in Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh and the world-renowned Dal Lake in Srinagar. All of these frozen water bodies are regarded as one of the beautiful things of the Himalayas.


In this way, it can be said that India is rightly called a home to a number of attractions to be visited once at least in a lifetime. If you are also willing to take the golden chance of taking the fine glimpse of any of them, you can visit ARV Holidays, one of the most leading tour and travel operator of India, and can book the honeymoon tour package as per your suitability. All the holiday packages, which are available at reasonable prices, can also be customized as per your requirement.

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