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Take the enjoyment of your honeymoon while exploring the amazing wildlife in Kerala

Have you ever explored the amazing wildlife in Kerala? If not, you must do this once at least in your life. Affectionately referred to as the ‘God’s Own Country’, this beach destination, which is the southern state of India, is considered as one of the most visited romantic destinations of India. Kerala is the destination, where tourist season never ends. Every year, thousands and thousands of honeymoon couples, vacationers from every part of India as well as the world throng to this perennial destination to enjoy the tour. For making the tour of this beach destination easy, comfortable and convenient, Kerala Wildlife tour Packages with Great Discounts are specially designed to cater the needs of the clients.

Wildlife in Kerala

Kerala is enriched with the wonderful wildlife. The lower elevations of this tourist destination are enriched with the wet evergreen rainforests, while the eastern part of this charming state is home to the highland deciduous and semi evergreen woods. The evergreen woods can be viewed in the easternmost districts of this charming state. Here, you can find the two wetlands, i.e. the Vembanad Kol and the Lake Sasthamkotta wetlands, having the international significance.  

Having the Asian elephant, the Bengal Tiger, leopard, grizzled giant squirrel, Nilgiri Tahr, and so on, this beach destination is abundant in numerous protected conservation areas, including the immense Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The remote conservation regions like the Silent Valley National Park in the Kundali Hills shelter the endangered species, i.e. the lion tailed Macaque, Gaur and the Indian sloth bear.

Here, you can watch the other more common species, including the Indian porcupine, Chital, Sambhar, the Gray Langur, the flying squirrel, the Swamp lynx, boar, a variety of catarrhine Old World monkey species, gray wolf and common palm civet. Numerous reptiles such as king cobra, viper, pythons, a number of turtles and crocodiles can be spotted in the eastern part of this amazing state.

Here, bird loving people view the avifauna of this state, including endemics like the Sri Lanka Frogmouth, the Oriental bay owl, the Indian Gray Hornbill, and vast Frugivores like the Great Hornbill. In addition to all of them, this beach destination is also home to more widespread birds such as pea fowl, Indian cormorant, hill and jungle myna, Oriental darter, black hooded oriole, black Drongoes and greater racket tailed, species of woodpecker and kingfisher, Jungle fowl, Bulbul, and much more. 


In this way, it can be justly said that Kerala is considered as one of the most visited romantic destinations of India. If you are also willing to escape to this perennial destination, you can book Kerala Honeymoon Packages from Chennai. All these tour packages, which are affordable to the budget for all types of people, can also be customized as per the desire of the clients. So, now do not get late in thinking in vain and get quickly prepared to go to this honeymoon destination to have the unlimited romance along with your beloved.      

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