Tuesday, 22 March 2016

An Adventurous 2-Day Weekend Retreat to Ranthambore

When it comes to see the tiger, automatically a place revolves around our mind and it is Ranthambore National Park. Situated in the hills of Aravali, Ranthambore offers you Tiger Safari in Ranthambore to observe the activity of the tiger in its habitats. The national park is now a great source of attraction since 1980 when it becomes a tiger reserve. It is the biggest national park in North area and covers 392 km.  Travelers visit the place to experience a great wildlife and always explored by people who loves to see wild animals. 


Past few years, there has been a refuse in the tiger population in the national park as of different reasons. As per the 2015 status of tigers, there were more than 50 tigers in Ranthambore National Park. The scores of tigers were 45 in 2014.Because of the current ratio in the number of tigers; the park is planning to transfer a few to other parks for example – Sariska and others. 


Forests: The Park area alternate between dry deciduous forests and open grassy field. The park contains 539 species of flowering plants that surprise you with its colorful flowers. 

Adventure rides : Forest safari are started out at 6:30 and 14:30. Each ride is covered for approx three hours. The safaris are taken into two options of vehicles - 20 seater to 6 seater open vehicles. Each safari will cost you Rs700-800 per person. The main park of the area has been divided into various zones and the safaris are done in one of those zones. Travelers always take several trips as tiger spotting is unusual. There are many accommodation option is available here from Sawai Madhopur to the national park.

Tigers: Ranthambore is one of the most scenic national parks in the nation for seeing a tiger. The majestic tiger can be seen moving or relaxing under the sun. 

Ranthambore Fort: The magnificent fort was established in the 10th century, which can be seen throughout the park area. It was built at 700 feet above the located surface. When you visit the fort, there are three red temples dedicated to Ganesh, Shiva and Ramlalaji. The temples were built in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Padam Talao: This is the biggest lakes among the many lakes. A Jogi Mahal built in red sandstone can be found at the side of the lake. A biggest banyan tree, known to be India’s second biggest, is also close to the lake. 

Ranthambore National Park is the most wonderful place to enjoy your adventure trip. Apart from forest safari, you have more options to make your trip memorable. 

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Transportation – 

Air – Jaipur is the adjacent airport to travel Ranthambore national park 

Rail – Ranthambore National Park is located on 11 km away from the Sawai Madhopur Railway Station

Road – A network of buses connects the place through various cities of Rajasthan. Bus services are great, so car or taxi can be good option to reach the park.

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