Sunday, 6 March 2016

Ranthambore National Park can brief you on the wildlife

Ranthambore National Park is one of the traveler’s favorite wildlife spots in the world to watch the tiger and explore different species of flora and fauna in the state of Rajasthan (India). Ranthambore name come from Ranthambore FORT. The park is situated on thambore hill and bordered by Aravali and Vindhyas mountain range. The fort was built in 9th century and the region around is overwhelmed with ruins like very old step wells, guard posts, temples, mosque, and lake palaces, all depicts the Ranthambhore’s varied and action-packed history.
Ranthambore National Park was recognized as wildlife sanctuary in 1955 and became a tiger reserve center in 1973. The park is extended in more than 392 sq km and provides lands to the Chambal River in the south and Banas in the north. Ranthambhore National Park is close to Jaipur and takes 4 hours drive to reach. 

Jungle Safari in the Park is the most important attraction and admired activities to spot wildlife movement. The Ranthambore Jungle safari offers you an opportunity to travel around a number of animals lives in the park. Ranthambore has now become a great wildlife spot for wildlife lovers and photographers. The safari is a lifetime experience for you and explores wildlife personally.

Ranthambore safari is done two times in a day which is organized by forest department. October to June and July to September are the best time to visit this tiger reserve. It is closed in rainy season due to huge rain falls make your Jungle tour little uncomfortable. The first safari starts in the morning and second starts post lunch, but the time frequently changes because of the sunrise and sunset condition. There are two kinds of safari mode in the park, one is jeep which can occupy six passengers and other is Canter which occupies twenty passengers at one time.

Both are comfortable and offer you good wildlife view. Ranthambhore safari is conducted for 3-4 hours on your suggested route. There are different kinds of areas in Ranthambhore Tiger reserve, both jeep and canter safari goes on same zones and offer the same aspects of wildlife activities. All safaris are done in the center of the park. All safaris are assigned by the forest Department.

Ranthambore safari is the best option to discover wildlife and spot tiger on their natural habitat. Ranthambhore safari takes close to the wildlife and offers you a wide variety of wildlife. Tigers, which are the prime attraction of the national park, make it a must see spot in India. Aside from the Tiger you can see many other animals at the time of Ranthambhore safari. 

Ranthambore trip will be an exciting voyage to explore the habitats of wildlife where they live, play and grow. Being a wonderful reserve in India, Ranthambore National Park gives you many reasons to Enjoy your ranthambore tiger safari tour and spend some quality time with rare creations of God that will make your day with strange and weird looks. 

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