Thursday, 14 April 2016

Hemis Festival to discover the local culture of Leh Ladakh

Travelers across the world visit Ladakh to participate in Ladakh’s popular culture and adventure. The area is globally known for its nature blessed beauty and fairs & festivals that displays its past and culture. Among all, cultural festival of Ladakh called “Hemis festival” is very popular and presents a colorful environment for travelers who come here with Ladakh Tour Packages to enjoy a moment in the midst of colorful people. Travelers particularly visit for this carnival, which lasts for two days and denote Buddhist guru Padmasambhava’s birth anniversary. Festivals take place in the famous Hemis Gompa, which is located at few distances away from Leh. 

The carnival is celebrated for good over evil. You can see numerous people clothed in vivid and colorful clothes to rejoice the festival. The Tibetan calendar shows that on lunar month’s tenth day, the Lama Head arranges this Hemis Festival. So as to protect his people, the Buddhism founder, Guru Padmasambhava fought the evils. On his birth anniversary, all the people have a good time Hemis Festival grandly.  

Hemis Festivals is a grand festival and everyone should definitely visit. Travelers have a number of things in store at the time of the festival. Tourists can enjoy this show as spectators do. At the time of the Hemis festival, a colorful and entertaining fair is organized. The festival has a number of stalls where you can shop a number of gifts and handicrafts.  

On this auspicious day, a ritual is performed. People cover their face with colorful mask, sing and dance. The main highlight of the festival is its masked dance permormed by Lamas. The dance performance depicts this festival’s central theme of victory of good over evil. The Lamas assemble around the central flagpole. This flagpole is situated in the monastery’s courtyard, where the singing and dance acts along with plays take place. The monastery is 300 years old and Ladakh’s richest monastery.  

All the activities take place at the Hemis Gompa, which is the main point. Hemis Gompa is Ladakh’s biggest and most popular Buddhist monastery. This festival brings a lot of colors in the town as the masks and costumes have vibrant and bright colors. The masks are brilliantly designed. The set of clothes of the dance are also very strange and lavish. This colorful ambiance brings all new charm to the festival. 

Artistically painted masks are the most important part of the dance, the festival also has a plenty of heavy and noisy music accompanied with a plenty of celebration. You can hear the sound of various musical instruments with dance acts. Country liquor is the festival’s one more major attraction and it is served on the celebration day.

Attending festival is an interesting option to know about the Ladakh’s culture, food and tradition. The festival is a great way to come across with some beautiful things to see and do in Ladakh. It will be nice to be there and watching the festival to make your trip a wonderful experience.  

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  1. Hemis Festival Come summer, and the cold desert region of Ladakh awakes from a long and harsh winter. This is the time when tourists from far and wide arrive to trek, to climb mountains, to go river-rafting and to stare, awe-struck, at some of the most beautiful examples of Indo-Tibetan culture.