Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Zorbing a nice sport to experience thrill in Manali

Zorbing is a wonderful sport rolling down a hill within a huge transparent ball. You go inside and you are protected by plenty of air.

New Zealand was the initial nation to have zorbing. It has the first nation to start skydiving, white-water rafting and bungee-jumping. There are plenty of many kinds of Zorb rides. You can enjoy your rides in water or on dry land. You can go single or with two person.

Zorbing is definitely a great idea to see Manali -

What Is Zorbing?

Zorbing was discovered by a couple of adventurers from New Zealand in 1990s. Dwane van der Sluis and Andrew Akers developed the zorb as a huge transparent ball that could be used on water but the pair afterward found that it would be more entertaining on land. A zorb is a huge plastic ball with a lesser capsule in. The person who goes for zorbing is also called as a zorbonaut, rides in the inner capsule, which is bordered by a pillow of air that is forced into the bigger ball. Zorbers are said to enter into the inner capsule and the excitement starts! The huge zorb rolls down on a grass land with force. As zorbers fall from the upside to down, zorbers are suggested to press hard against the plastic wall.

Zorbing - Where Can I Try It?

Zorbing is an excitement ride and just zorbers are said to enter into the inner capsule, no any skill is required. Only you need to keep a strong stomach and the capability to press the plastic wall well during rolling down. All you need to do is hang on and experince a ride filled with happiness and fear. Zorbing is growing as a popular adventure sport in Manali and other hlly areas of India.

Zorbing - Fun Facts

In hydro-zorbing, a number of buckets of water are put in the zorb, so enjoyers slip and slide in the zorb downhill. Maximum three people can enter in a zorb at the same time, so it will be a fun ride to do with your friends. Some great zorbonauts have experienced the ride of zorbs from the cliffs and waterfalls for an extreme kick.

Zorb in Manali is the newest trend. It is a sport in which a doer is locked in an inner capsule in a huge, see-through ball which is later rolled down along the land.

So mostly a Zorb is a big exaggerated plastic ball. Doing Zorbing is very safe because there is a pad of air between you and the land.

Why not try the Zorbing on your next Holidays in Manali. Just lock yourself in the huge transparent ball then roll down the hill to get the beautiful scenery of Manali. It will be a unique experience that will last for long. Note – don’t let your child to do Zorbing on Manali tour as it may be little frightening for them. There are a number of Manali tour packages from ahmedabad offer you a complete Manali tour along with a safe and enjoyable zorbing.

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